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De'Longhi S.p.A is an Italian small appliance manufacturer based in Treviso, Italy.

Roslyn D. wrote a review about DeLonghi La Specialista EC9335M for PRODUCT REVIEW, she added: "Don’t waste your money Don’t waste your money. Had it 2 milk frother not working. Spent another $30 on De scaling fluid.....warning lights still on. Had a Nespresso machine 10 years......not 1 problem. Not happy with it in the slightest. Contacted After sales service, sent it to THEIR repairer, came back after a 2 new faults. Contacted them....only option is REPAIR it again.....3 weeks now without a decent coffee. No faith in this company or machine."


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Current Employee - Controller says

"Promotions and salary raise based on the friendship with "trustworthy" family friends. No permission to improve the system and implement best practices on the market. Employees are underpaid and overworked"

Former Employee - Operations says

"lower wage than most of the manufacturing companies."

Current Employee - Marketing Manager says

"lots of redundancies and negative feel in the business"


"Dysfunction (lack of communication/collaboration) between USA/CAN"

Current Employee - Operation says

"Very poor operation/manufacturing system. No standard. Old and obsolete and bad organization, and what's worse no manufacturing vision whatsoever. Lack of control in all production sites. High average age among management and therefore high resistance to change."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Toxic culture. Favouritism within sub teams, management will throw their team under a bus if their pressured and bully tactics don’t achieve expected results. Expectation to work far beyond contracted hours. Did not follow correct HR process when issues raised"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Being a family company it is not run on solid business principles. Whoever is "closest" to the family is right every time (even whe he/she is not!) Top Management acts bases on impulse and not on a rational/strategic thinking Company direction changes "as the wind blows", depending on market conditions, and this has a negative impact on operations."

Former Employee - Ecommerce says

"Culture is toxic, management doesnt listen"

Former Employee - Country Manager Russia says

"Too strict control from headquarters of DE Longhi Group, low focus on Ariete brand from company headquarters, low managerial level of company direction"

General Manager says

"Family company no so managerial mood"

Sr. Network / Exchange Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The company keeps to its European culture and is a great place to work at. The management trusted the opinions of the people in their roles and made informed decisions."

Ed says

"We bought a De’Longhi coffee machine a few months ago. On unwrapping it from the box I noticed a hairline crack in the glass jug. Obviously under warranty I tried to ring the help desk on 3 separate occasions on different days at different times but after a wait of 20-30 minutes on each occasion I have given up. I was initially sympathetic with the Covid pandemic situation but as a full time essential worker I just don’t have the spare time to waste on hanging on the phone clocking up goodness knows what phone charges? Non-existent after sales service which is worrying ......"

Gary Dollner says

"Purchased high end bean to cup machine which has had to be sent back for repair in less than a year. That problem fixed but returned after nearly a month with unrelated problem. Company totally refusing to offer replacement. Shocking customer service approach. This is my second and last De Longhi coffee machine."

Gabriela Morrison says

"Do not buy! The machine is faulty and it also makes awful coffee, they keep trying to convince us that there is nothing wrong with the matching when they didn't even see it. We can't actually use it because it hard to handle. They won't replace it or refund us. I feel like I was mugged and this is depressing."

Grace Wood says

"I ordered a coffee machine that took ages to come, it stopped working on the second day. They said they would replace it once they had collected the faulty one, they wouldnt send it any sooner. They came to collect the faulty one and a week later they still hadn't dispatched a new machine so I cancelled the whole thing. Avoid."

LE says

"Bought a Specialista coffe machine, within three months the steam arm stopped working. The day it came back from repair, water pouring all over kitchen side from underneath. First repair took a month to return, now awaiting second collection. During the time the machine was with the service centre not one communication or update until the dispatch notification of it being returned. Called them and not allowed to get an update. Shockingly poor quality machine especially given the price and terrible customer service."

Allison Meadowcroft says

"We have a de'longhi bean-to cup coffee maker which is less than 2 years old and is now leaking water out of the back when making coffee. As no on-line customer service is available (I've keep checking for the web-chat but never available), so I tried phoning. Firstly you are charged for the call (0345 number) and then you get stuck in a loop of covid messages and 'press 1' etc. I finally got through to someone who took my details, then cut me off. Not acceptable - with a pandemic or not. Other companies are finding acceptable work-arounds."

Hazel Fish says

"I purchased a kettle and toaster, when they arrived today I realised that the knobs, handle and base were brown. I thought it looked awful. I would have returned the items for a more suitable colour except that it cost me £16.62 to return them ! As a pensioner I was stunned at having to pay out £16.62 to end up with nothing ! I I will never buy a delonghi product again."

John Ross says

"Unable to award zero stars for DeLonghi for the very poor customer service access. We all know about covid 19 restrictions. This company seems to think it is a brilliant cop-out for not giving any support at all. Never buy this group's products again."

UK says

"Brought my husband a coffee machine for Christmas 19 . It wouldn’t work and looked like it had previously been a return there was paint on the lead. Got a replacement and worked ok however we moved 4 weeks later and it was in storage . When we moved into our own place again it didn’t work well . The milk warmer cuts out constantly. Will avoid this brand in the future."

Evelyn R says

"Awful awful awful!!!! I had an issue with my order and waited on the phone for 45 minutes before someone answered and took my information and stated they would have someone call me back. No one did. Finally reached them today and was on hold for 30 min to which the representative tells me that once an order leaves the warehouse it’s out of their hands. Who does this? There’s no manager available to speak to apparently. Awful. I will never order anything from them. Now i have to call all these places because the people who are quick to charge my card are terrible at their jobs! Save yourself time and purchase somewhere else."

Mary says

"I only give them a 1 star as you can't leave a 0. We had a radiator that was really good until it broke, we then purchased a new one. This came damaged, we were told they would replace. This was in October. I have spent over 3 hours on the phone to them since in 7 calls. They ALWAYS promise to call back, they don't. They promised new radiator when they didn't have any in stock. They promised an immediate refund... over two weeks ago. We haven't had it yet. Be wary of them. Product good as long as it works. 10 year guarantee..pointless."

Jerry Howell says

"Bought a coffee machine back in April, went wrong so spoke with customer services who were very nice. They agreed to have the machine collected by a company called Staffords. That took 2 weeks to collect through DPD, rang them after 2 weeks and told they are awaiting parts from Italy and it could be another 10 to 15 days before they receive them. No coffee machine for about 6 weeks at least which seems ridiculous to me for a machine only 6 months old. I will be buying another one that is not De'longhi as they are unreliable and when it goes wrong the service level is poor. If you are reading this review as you are thinking of buying their goods I would not trust this company if I was you. It is a shame as the machine itself was very good when it worked"

Petr Vyslouzil says

"I'm absolutely shocked with this company. Have ordered brand new milk jug for my coffee machine. After the parcel has been delivered firstly looks like the box was stored somewhere for many years full of dust and sh.t on it. After unpacking have found that milk jug is missing cleaning button! What a rubbish service. They need to collect the old one before they send new ones out. So that's mean for me other two weeks waiting time! What a joke seriously this service would describe like ZERO star"

S T says

"Absolutely horrible customer service. Will send you in circles and do everything in their power not to answer a simple question about one of their products. First attempt, they actually ignored my question about amp hours and wattage on an exact product and apologized for my technical issues before telling me to call in. Wasn’t even a technical issue. Then told me they couldn’t help me if I didn’t have a serial number, even though I provided an exact product name. If you don’t have it yet, there is no way to provide a serial number. Useless and a waste of time. Fully expect this business to shut down if they continue on this path of disrespecting their customer’s time. Too much competition out there to waste with DeLonghi."

Tim Mandell says

"Tried to order accesories on line which I could not do they have tried to blame the browser I was using. What a joke and customer support can access my account but cannot put through my order. Time to rid myself of this catastrophe and find a better quality of company that believes in customer service."

Consumer says

"We purchased a matching toaster and kettle thinking we were going to get a superior product.... Not so...The kettle is noisy and it is very difficult to see the level of water in it..... The toaster is no better than any cheap brand from Aldi, Lidl or discount store. It does not brown evenly on either side, and the components are no different or superior. The only redeeming feature was the colour choice and style. I will not be tyempted again to buy any appliance thinking the name means quality"

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